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America, You Are The Dog

Okay, so if you care at all about American politics, you already know the story about Mitt Romney's dog. If you don't, go Google it - it won't be difficult, people love talking about it. Mostly they talk about how it's astonishingly gross, or cruel, or how he accidentally said "airtight" when he no doubt meant "windproof". However, the reason the story was brought up in the first place was in an effort to plug Romney, to show how he was calm in a crisis - he just cleaned up and got right back to what he was doing.

Now here's what bothers me; nobody seems to be making a point that in this fable, America, you are the dog. "Calm in a crisis"? This is a guy who, when something he was responsible for was distressed, took only the time required to remove the inconvenience to himself before moving right along. In other words, his idea of how to solve a crisis is to stop, hose the shit off, and go right back to the circumstances that caused the problem in the first place.

Could there be a better metaphor for the US republican platform right now?

You're the dog, guys. Take the hint.


2012-10-15 22:27:41


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