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Wow guys. Niiiice fucking job posting a bunch of half-naked pinups as your recommendtions for fucking Wonder Woman. Seriously, you even chose the chick from Hunger Games, but went out of your way to present her while she's thoughtfully removing her bikini top? Impressive!

Fuck these guys. Mostly for recommending they cast Wonder Woman from a bunch of skinny, pouty, baby-faced pinup models (okay not you Charlize Theron, at least you look like a grown-up), but also for passing over Gina Carano, who might actually make a super-strong super-woman look like she could fucking punch a guy now and then.

If this article contains the slightest bit of thought beyond "hey guys let's post some titty pinups and use the words 'Miley Cyrus Twerking'", I will eat my cape.


2013-11-10 14:11:38


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