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A Night's Silence

(2013-01-09 ◊ City of Heroes, City of Villains)

Written after a prompt on Formspring - it's just a quick look at Honeytrap and some other Calibre folks over Christmas. I'm quite happy with it.

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To The City

(2007-09-23 ◊ City of Heroes)

A City of Heroes (very) short story about my character Backbeat and Talen's character Wayworn; Backbeat reflects on her relationship with Harlem, and does what she has to do. There's a lot of stuff in this fic that won't make sense unless you know the characters - it's just a scene from their story, as it were, and it's not supposed to serve as an introduction for either character - so please click on those links for wiki pages if you want to know them better ^^

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Kai Minaro

(2005-06-06 ◊ No Series)

Just a loveable catboy from the first online RPG I ever joined, of which I cannot even remember the name ^^;

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Kuroki Eiji

(2005-06-06 ◊ Shimota Ai)

From Yaoi RPG, High School Style (aka Shimota Ai), which is unfortunately no longer running. Eiji, the delightfully nutty and bouncy school nurse/counsellor beloved of everybody. Except Aikage.

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Wing Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ Swords, Sorcery & Shounen-ai)

Another unfortunately defunct game, Swords, Sorcery & Shounen-ai spawned Wing, a reborn air-elemental with a somewhat childish mind. Most of the time.

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Alisen Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ Furry Pirates)

My furry pirate, dingo/collie dog hybrid, feral fighter and captain-protector, Alisen.

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Alcarin Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ Furry Pirates)

My contribution to the Furry Pirates game setting - the Mother of Dreams, the Guardian of Dreamers, the Lady of Souls. This one is just a schpeel rather than a profile - for the truth of the matter, see Alisen's profile.

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All'Reyne Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ D&D)

A last-minute character concept based on a Guilty Gear XX character matcher quiz. I certainly was fun to play a scythe-wielding goth-paladin. This one is just a schpeel rather than a profile.

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Jayden/Flea Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ D&D, Cobrin'Seil)

A test of a new race, a new Template, and a new Class - an Aasimar Abilen Adherent with huge superficiality and denial issues.

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Avael Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ D&D, Forgotten Realms)

My most recently-made D&D character, Avael is an avariel whose wings were stunted at birth and never grew to proper flight-size. A somewhat cranky little uke with something of a complex about being condescended to, he's a wandering doctor/healer with good intentions but a bad temper.

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The Test

(2000-04-14 ◊ No Series)

Quite an old piece - like, 1998 old. I wrote it for an English assessment - and I was kinda proud of it, so here it is. Got full marks, too ^^

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The Fall of Thanlor

(2000-04-14 ◊ D&D)

I'm not really sure why this is here - to fill up the page, I guess ^^; This is sort of en excerpt from one of my old stories, Wolfbane: The Story of Lashaan Khi. It's a story told by Jessik, Lashaan's mentor, to explain his personal quest. S'kinda okay, I guess.


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