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A Night's Silence

(2013-01-09 ◊ City of Heroes, City of Villains)

Written after a prompt on Formspring - it's just a quick look at Honeytrap and some other Calibre folks over Christmas. I'm quite happy with it.

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To The City

(2007-09-23 ◊ City of Heroes)

A City of Heroes (very) short story about my character Backbeat and Talen's character Wayworn; Backbeat reflects on her relationship with Harlem, and does what she has to do. There's a lot of stuff in this fic that won't make sense unless you know the characters - it's just a scene from their story, as it were, and it's not supposed to serve as an introduction for either character - so please click on those links for wiki pages if you want to know them better ^^

City of Heroes

Along with its counterpart, City of Villains, CoX was a long-running superhero MMORPG that offered great character customisation and, unlike certain industry-leading MMOs, actually encouraged character development and roleplay. As a game that actually began before WoW, it dodged the modern sinkhole that is trying to be "a WoW killer"; it's unlike any MMO I have played or heard of (for starters, NO GEAR). I wish I could tell you to play it, but it was mercilessly executed by NCSoft in 2012, despite still being successful by any reasonable measure. NCSoft are dicks.





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