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All'Reyne Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ D&D)

A last-minute character concept based on a Guilty Gear XX character matcher quiz. I certainly was fun to play a scythe-wielding goth-paladin. This one is just a schpeel rather than a profile.

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Jayden/Flea Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ D&D, Cobrin'Seil)

A test of a new race, a new Template, and a new Class - an Aasimar Abilen Adherent with huge superficiality and denial issues.

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Avael Profile

(2005-06-06 ◊ D&D, Forgotten Realms)

My most recently-made D&D character, Avael is an avariel whose wings were stunted at birth and never grew to proper flight-size. A somewhat cranky little uke with something of a complex about being condescended to, he's a wandering doctor/healer with good intentions but a bad temper.

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The White Scorpion and the Emperor's Message

(2005-02-26 ◊ D&D, Cobrin'Seil)

Written for a D&D game Talen started to run in the Oriental Adventures setting, which didn't quite work our since nobody was any good at playing in it. Nonetheless, I quite like this piece of writing, though the narrative style is extremely odd, and probably clumsy in its attempt to mimic Japanese folklore.

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The Fall of Thanlor

(2000-04-14 ◊ D&D)

I'm not really sure why this is here - to fill up the page, I guess ^^; This is sort of en excerpt from one of my old stories, Wolfbane: The Story of Lashaan Khi. It's a story told by Jessik, Lashaan's mentor, to explain his personal quest. S'kinda okay, I guess.


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