The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of the Ages

Character profile: Elon

~ The Flower ~

- - - - Basics - - - -

Full name: Elon

Race: Hylian

Age: About sixteen

Gender: Male, but extremely effeminate (and wears a dress). Most people assume he's a girl.

Occupation: Doctor and accountant at Lon Lon Ranch

Blood Type: AB+

Instrument: Lute

- - - - - - Appearance - - - - - -

Height/Weight: 165cm/54kg

Hair: A soft, darkish-but-gentle sort of red. It's very light and wispy, with a long fringe flowing around his face - more on the left side - and usually worn in thick braid which sits over his right shoulder.

Eyes: Very blue. Elon's eyes look a bit older and more serious than he does.

Skin Tone: Pale-but-healthy Hylian.

General Build: Slim and feminine. Elon has a very gentle appearance, complemented by his manner, and aside from his figure being surprisingly slender and curvy, it's otherwise unremarkable.

Distinguishing features: Elon's eyes are fairly striking, but not abnormal. Nothing else about him is especially remarkable.

Preferred clothing: A simple, peasant-style dress with a moderately full skirt and loose, flowing sleeves that come to mid-forearm. Over this he wears two shawls, both fringed with small tassles - one around his shoulders, tied over the middle of his chest, and a longer one around his waist, tied at the left hip. He wears small, slip-on shoes and ties his braid with a big ribbon.

Accessories: Some medical supplies, carried in a bundled scarf, for things he can't treat with light magic.

- - - - - - Personality - - - - - -

General Attitude: Elon is as sweet, gentle and friendly a person you could hope to meet. He is also, however, a little bit vague - when nothing demands his attention his mind tends to wander, as if he's mentally somewhere else. This makes him seem rather dense at first, especially since it means somebody (usually Adina) has to remind him to do such complicated things as eating and getting dressed. He more or less glides through life with a good-natured obliviousness, and it something of a miracle - or perhaps simply a testament to Adina's ability as a bodyguard - that he never seems to be harmed.

When it comes to using his healing powers, though, he could be an entirely different person - he's serious, focused, and terrifyingly competent.

Likes: Most things, it seems. He particularly likes animals, and other people, particularly Adina. He's also very fond of Malon.

Dislikes: The typical "bad things" about life - mean people, suffering, et cetera.

Interests: Animals, accountancy, helping people, music.

Abilities of note: Elon is a skilled practicioner of Light (basically, healing magic) and, for the times when this doesn't work, he also knows a lot about medicine and natural healing. Due to his time on the ranch he's an excellent horseback rider, and knows how to use a bow (though not to great effect). He's a great cook, and also - bizarrely - has a tremendous aptitude for mathematics.

Quirks: Elon is absolutely freakishly lucky. It's not as though he makes a conscious effort, but the world simply seems to take care of him. However, monsters also seem to choose him as a target more often than not, even when there are competent fighters around.

Elon's crossdressing is an odd case; he has never been known to actually lie about his gender, but he also never goes out of his way to correct the obvious assumption. Unlike Jehan, he doesn't seem to have a reason for crossdressing; it seems for all the world that he just likes dresses. He's weird like that.

He also has a couple of odd "interaction" quirks - firstly, he has a weird speech tic, habitually saying "Ara?" when he's pulled out of his daydreams or when otherwise surprised. Secondly, he rarely open his eyes, at least fully - a bit like the "fox eyes" trait shared by many sly or crafty anime characters. In Elon's case he tends to look happy and whimsical rather than sneaky, but it's a similar principle.

- - - - - - Background - - - - - -

Social Status: Ordinary person. He's respected somewhat by those who know of his position at the ranch, mostly because of its good reputation.

Family Status: Unknown. His parents seem to still be alive, but he tends to drift around talking about them with surprising skill.

Birth Rank: Unknown

Homeland/Birthplace: Birthplace unknown. Boards at Lon Lon Ranch when he isn't adventuring.

History: Elon came to live at Lon Lon Ranch roughly a year ago, having heard that Talon had passed away and Ingo had sought employment elsewhere, leaving Malon in need of hired hands. The boy wasn't exactly what she had expected, but his healing abilities turned out to be invaluable when - almost immediately after his arrival - the ranch suffered an outbreak of disease which would have killed most of its livestock. Though she realised that the situation was rather suspicious, Malon decided - for her own reasons - to trust the young boy, and kept him on to care for the animals. She also began to teach him about economics, a subject to which he had not previously given any thought, but showed great promise.

- - - - - - Combat - - - - - -

General level: Low

Style: Elon has no real fighting style, unless "shooting things" is a style.

Advantages: For all that he seems airheaded most of the time, Elon becomes intensely focused in combat. His reactions are amazingly quick, and he seems acutely aware of anybody who needs his help. He also has an amazing tendency to make lucky escapes, to have an opponent's weapon break at the worst time, to last just long enough for help to arrive. Even the weather seems to always work in his favour. Unfortunately, this apparent blessing does not extend to his companions.

Disadvantages: Elon's a magic-user, not a combatant. He has no melee capability, and his skill with the bow is more for target-shooting or huting than fighting. Although he gets a reasonable amount of exercise due to his job, he still has a light build, and isn't designed for contests of strength or endurance. Also, as a counterpoint to his bizarre luck, he seems to be the favoured target of most monsters - that is to say, most non-intelligent enemies.

Special: Elon uses Light magic to impressive effect - he's quite possibly one of the best healers Hyrule has ever seen. This involves mainly healing and restorative spells, of course, but also includes some protective spells (such as Nayru's Love).

Techniques: [To be filled out later]

- - - - - - Other - - - - - -

A Quote: "Ara?"

Other: Nothing of note.

- - - - - - OOC Info - - - - - -

Theme Song: 4 Hero - Les Fleurs

Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya, for her mix of "beware the nice girl" (Unohana, Bleach) and kindly pretty-boy (Kaoru Miki, Utena).

Name info: I made it up, for its similarity to "Malon", but apparently it's a real African name which means "God loves me". Which is perfect.

Pronunciation: E as in flee, lon as in talon. No stresses.

Title/Tagline: From his theme song: Inside every man/Lies the seed of a flower/If he looks within/He finds beauty and power. I heard it in a booze commercial ;_;

Roleplay notes: On the face of it, Elon is intimately connected to Malon, Epona and Lon Lon Ranch. However, he can still exist without them, reverting simply to a wandering healer being watched over by his odd bodyguard.

Other notes: None.

- - - -