The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of the Ages

Character profile: Jehan

~ Tomorrow's Way ~

- - - - Basics - - - -

Full name: Prince Jehan-Anar (aka Princess Jehana) of Gerudo Valley

Race: Gerudo

Age: The equivalent of about fifteen

Gender: Male, but ludicrously effeminate

Occupation: Princess

Blood Type: B+

Instrument: Sitar

- - - - - - Appearance - - - - - -

Height/Weight: 162cm/59kg

Hair: Fire red, worn in a long, high ponytail with a wispy fringe

Eyes: Light mauve, kindly but shy

Skin Tone: Gerudo tan

General Build: Girly. Jehan is slight, smooth and shapely - the only thing he lacks is breasts. His body and features are universally delicate, and he comes across as quite fragile. He does not, however, have the womanly curves that are typical of Gerudo females, and generally looks a little out-of-place.

Distinguishing features: A tattoo on the lower back of his neck, shaped like a crescent moon encircling a star.

Preferred clothing: Loose, flowing harem-style pants, soft slippers meant for indoor use, and a wrap-around "shirt" held in by a sash at his waist. The shirt is not translucent (though the pants are), but he wears a form-fitting top underneath, just in case.

Accessories: The same gloves and crystal hair acessory preferred by almost all Gerudo, along with teardrop earrings which match a crystalline bead worn on his forehead. He also has a pair of light scimitars, but they don't often see use.

- - - - - - Personality - - - - - -

General Attitude: Jehan is a somewhat withdrawn and shy boy, who largely keeps to himself; most people believe this to be out of haughtiness, though the truth is that he avoids closeness in order to keep his true gender a secret. He has a very proper manner, having been raised as a princess, and is well-meaning but extremely naive, knowing virtually nothing about life outside of the Gerudo fort. While he does enjoy the comforts and perks of royal life, he also secretly longs for adventure and maybe even romance; essentially, he has a much more lively and extroverted personality beneath the surface, which is likely to emerge if the burden of his secret is removed.

Likes: Sherbet, ice cream. Pretty things, decorating rooms. Adventure and romance (he would read romance novels if Hyrule had them).

Dislikes: Manual labour, his sister, Gerudo law.

Interests: Nothing of note.

Abilities of note: Jehan is quite intelligent (though he has little real-world experience), and is likely good at board games and such. Aside from this, his somewhat pampered life has left him with very few saleable skills.

Quirks: Jehan looks like a chick - that's all there is to it. Usually, the only way anybody really has a hope of knowing his gender is if they are told, or see him fully naked.

- - - - - - Background - - - - - -

Social Status: Royalty; while not a ruler, Jehan is still a princess. Since he is the one Gerudo male of his time, he could legally claim the Gerudo throne - if he were willing to brave his sister.

Family Status: Sister (Indira) living in Gerudo Valley; mother and father deceased.

Birth Rank: 2/2

Homeland/Birthplace: Gerudo Valley

History: Fully aware that her older daughter was as ruthless as she was powerful, Jehan's mother knew at his birth that her younger child would be in great danger if Indira were to know he was male. In an effort to avoid such conflict, the woman raised her second child as a girl, teaching him various ways to conceal his true gender as he grew. He has thus far lived out his entire life as a Gerudo princess, with no particular incidents being worthy of note.

- - - - - - Combat - - - - - -

General level: Mid-low

Style: Though Jehan prefers not to become involved in combat if he can avoid it, he is determined not to be useless either. To this end, he has made an effort to learn the dance-like, twin-scimitar-weilding style favoured by many Gerudo warriors. His particular version of it is focused more on defence than offence, avoiding the enemy until the perfect moment to strike.

Advantages: Jehan is extremely agile and flexible, and very fast on his feet, making him considerably difficult to pin down in a fight.

Disadvantages: Jehan is quite fragile; while he can draw out a fight considerably with his mixture of weaving, dodging and dancing, actually taking damage is quite dangerous for him.

Special: Nothing

Techniques: None of note.

- - - - - - Other - - - - - -

A Quote: "Of course I need a separate tent to change in, I'm the princess! Some of us expect a little privacy!"

Other: Nothing of note.

- - - - - - OOC Info - - - - - -

Theme Song: YUI - Tomorrow's Way / Bulldog Mansion - Happy Birthday to Me

Seiyuu: Hikami Kyoko, for a selection of princessy girls like Rabi en Rose (Di Gi Charat). Jehan is equal parts high-class and bossy brat.

Name info: They're just made-up; I thought they sounded Gerudo-ish.

Pronunciation: Jeh as in jelly, han as in Khan, A as in car, nar as in narwhal. Stress the "han" and the "nar". For the female version just leave off the last syllable. Jehan's first syllable is a bit weird; you can pronounce it in a very English fashion (as in Jessica) or with a bit of a French "zh" sound to it (as in je suis). Whichever you prefer is fine.

Title/Tagline: Reference to the first of his themes. Jehan is a bleeding-heart idealist, but he's also a coward and a crybaby; he spends most of his time running away from a future he can't control.

Roleplay notes: Technically Jehan is the son of Ganondorf (yuck), but that's nothing special for him. In his original setting, the Gerudo gender division is explained by their being a long-lived race, since neither Nabooru nor Ganondorf appeared to age during OoT (YBMV, as we like to say - or "your biology may vary"). In a setting where it's assumed that the Gerudo just use men of other races to breed - or a setting without Ganondorf - this quirk of parentage can be removed without affecting his character whatsoever.

Jehan is, unfortunately, pretty much rooted to the OoT setting. To venture outside of it, he would need to drop almost all of his background, and certainly his reason for crossdressing. Perhaps in another setting/era that still featured Gerudo, he might simply be an ordinary Gerudo who crossdresses to avoid the social implications of being male in his homeland.

Other notes: None.

- - - -