The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of the Ages

Character profile: Sendari

~ One-Girl Army ~

- - - - Basics - - - -

Full name: Sendari

Race: Half-Gerudo (half Hylian)

Age: About 27 (equivalent)

Gender: Female, but extremely masculine

Occupation: Drifter/Bounty Hunter

Blood Type: A-

Instrument: Leaf/grass whistle

- - - - - - Appearance - - - - - -

Height/Weight: 195cm/142kg (6'5"/313lbs)

Hair: Fiery red. She wears it in a low, fishtail-like ponytail, going to just below her shoulders.

Eyes: Bright green, full of slightly dangerous fun.

Skin Tone: Naturally somewhere between Hylian and Gerudo, but also well-tanned. Basically just looks Gerudo.

General Build: Buff. Sendari is a lot more heavily-muscled than most women, even Gerudo; where most of her race are sleek and toned, she's far more bulky, and her only feminine quality is having an impressive bustline. She's not quite a hulk, but she's certainly broad and brawny.

Distinguishing features: Sendari's Gerudo heritage is very obvious, and combined with her height, it usually makes her stand out in a crowd. She also has countless minor scars from old wounds, if you look closely.

Preferred clothing: A sort of combination of Gerudo and Hylian styled clothing. Her tan-coloured pants are loose, but are not the flowing balloon-like pants worn by most Gerudo; the legs are only slightly flared and don't gather at her ankles, instead having tatty, fringed hems. She wears them with a long sash-style belt which loops around her waist a few times before tying off at the side (she finds it useful as a replacement for rope, in a pinch). Her top is black, form-fitting, sleeveless but high-necked, and shows off her musculature quite nicely. She also wears hardy leather moccasin-style shoes and Gerudo-style gauntlets. All of her gear is, of course, well-worn by travel and weather.

Accessories: Sendari's top is actually heat-resistant armour made from dodongo stomach, and her gauntlets shield the tops of her hands with dinalfos scales. Her other accessory is her weapon of choice - a monstrous two-handed scimitar only slightly smaller than herself. It appears to be made from a gigantic bone, and the handle is wrapped in dark cloth for grip.

- - - - - - Personality - - - - - -

General Attitude: Though she never misses an opportunity to act like a giant macho showoff, Sendari is relatively easygoing most of the time. She enjoys her lifestyle, including the hard parts, and is fairly easy to get along with if you aren't turned off by her heritage or her rowdy manner. She has a ferocious temper and is easily angered, but she forgives just as quickly and doesn't hold grudges once things have been set right. She also doesn't mind looking like a but of a dork, as long as it's all in good fun (see also 'Large Ham').

Although she has no respect for rules and laws, she does have a solid sense of good and evil - it's just an internal one. She certainly doesn't care for those who hurt others for personal gain, and doing so is one of the only ways to seriously make her your enemy. All in all she has a very simple, almost animalistic nature; she does what she enjoys and believes that people should try to make each other happy (and that if you're a Bad Guy, she has the right to smash your face).

Likes: Fighting, drinking, wenching, animals and being outdoors, rain, fire, pretty soft doe-eyed damsels in distress (of either gender), and beating up people who deserve it.

Dislikes: Authority figures, rules, cynicism, misanthropy, wasting time, pretentious people, her mother, her sister, Ganondorf. And she especially hates it when the bad guys "get away with it".

Interests: Sendari's only real interests are of the drinking/wenching/fighting variety. Basically, she's your classic bawdy, bar-brawling thug.

Abilities of note: Aside from being a formidable force in combat, Sendari is also a great hunter; her sense of smell is almost supernaturally acute, and she usually tracks her marks by scent for preference. She's good at most activities which require physical aptitude (running, swimming, climbing, and so forth), though she can't rely on the flexibility and speed that most Gerudo can. She is also particularly endurant, a hardiness developed from years spent roaming the wilds, and knows well how to survive outside of civilisation.

Quirks: When she's talking, Sendari tends to have a very casual manner - she uses a lot of slang, drops letters, calls people "hon" and "luv", and uses nicknames rather than callling people by their names. Until they take issue with it, that is (unless she really dislikes them).

Used to being the oldest and most worldly in any group, Sendari tends to take on a sort of bodyguard or "team Mum" role when she has company. She's always looking to protect and advise her friends, which is sometimes nice but can also seem bossy and condescending. She occasionally needs a reminder that other people can be badass adventurers too.

- - - - - - Background - - - - - -

Social Status: Rogue/Outcast. Sendari is acknowledged by the Gerudo as being powerful, but also looked down upon for being halfblood. Most other societies view her as being untrustworthy and dangerous due to her Gerudo blood.

Family Status: Hylian Father and three Hylian half-sisters (unaware of Sendari's existence) living in Hyrule Castle Town, Gerudo mother deceased, Gerudo half-sister living in Gerudo valley.

Birth Rank: 2/2 or 1/4

Homeland/Birthplace: Gerudo valley, though she rarely stays there very long.

History: Sendari was the result of a brief affair between a Gerudo woman and a married Hylian man. Unwilling to take her into his family, Sendari's father left her to be raised by her mother in Gerudo Valley. She was always something of an outcast, however, and mostly kept to herself.

Sendari's mother was a fanatic follower of "The Devil King", and pledged both Sendari and her older sister into his service. Although her sister (of whom she rarely - if ever - speaks) took to this with aplomb, Sendari hated the idea, and ran away from her family as soon as she was able. Growing up as a wanderer, Sendari returned to Gerudo valley from faraway lands when she received word that Hyrule had been liberated; she remained something of an outcast, however, as many of her people felt she had betrayed them. Before long she had resumed her drifting lifestyle, and now only returns "home" when necessary.

- - - - - - Combat - - - - - -

General level: High

Style: Sendari uses no distinct style, and her tactic (if it can be called such) is to simply beat on her opponent until they give. She prefers to use her sword in most cases, though she enjoys a good grapple too. Although she isn't honourable by any stretch, she doesn't care for the use of trickery in combat, believing that it's a cheap way to compensate for lack of ability.

Advantages: Sendari's strength and endurance are simply incredible; she is at the upper limits of natural capacity. Also, her sharp sense of smell sometimes serves to alert her where sight cannot.

Sendari has a very strong will and ego (sense of self-identity). Trying to control her by magic (or similar) means is like trying to teach maths to a walrus.

Disadvantages: Sendari has no semblance of tactical sense; she fights the same way in any situation. She also has little concept of defence, preferring to charge through an oncoming attack rather than avoid or block it. She never backs down once she has begun to fight, and will almost always make the courageous choice rather than the smart one. She's also slower and less agile than you might expect from a fighter of her calibre; her reaction speed is good, but her actions are sluggish.

Sendari is utterly magically inept, and actually seems a bit distrustful of arcane arts. Even beneficial magic sometimes has trouble effecting her.

Special: Nothing of note.

Techniques: None.

- - - - - - Other - - - - - -

A Quote: "Being evil is for wimps. It takes balls to be the good guy."

Other: I've been reminded by RP that Sendari has a steed, a gigantic Wolfos named "Horse". She met him as a pup and they sort of bonded, and now she can summon him by whistling a certain tune (much like Link uses Epona's Song).

- - - - - - OOC Info - - - - - -

Theme Song: Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way? / Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down

Seiyuu: Orikasa Ai, for her history of brilliant brute-woman voices (Fee Carmichael of PLANETES and Kubota Jun of Variable Geo, amongst others).

Name info: It's just made-up, For a Gerudo-ish kind of sound. It originally came from "Sandy", which she going to be called for short (as a pun on the fact that she comes from the desert :p), but that didn't stick (probably because it's kind of young and cute-sounding).

Pronunciation: Sen as in send, da as in dark, ri as in Brianna. Stress the "da".

Title/Tagline: A reference to the Five Iron Frenzy song of the same name. Most of the lyrics are awesomely relevant to Sendari: "She is strong but never silent/Sure of where her strength comes from". One must, however, ignore the bollocksy religious bits like "What we once broke/He has made right".

Roleplay notes: Just ignore her outcast/halfbreed status in settings where Gerudo must breed with other races because of the "only one male" quirk. In her original setting, the Gerudo gender division is explained by their being a long-lived race, since neither Nabooru nor Ganondorf appeared to age during OoT. YBMV, as we like to say - or "your biology may vary".

"The Devil King" is technically Ganondorf, since Sendari is native to an after-the-end Ocarina timeline. However, I've left it vague so that in case of sans-Ganon setting, it can refer to some sort of villain/demon/evil god, rather than to Ganondorf himself.

Other notes: Nothing of note.

- - - -