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As of 2022, I am recovering from an RSI that really limits my ability to work on anything with my right hand. This means I'm uncertain about my ability to complete commissions within a strict time limit. You're still welcome to enquire, but you'll have to accept that I may have to take "medical leave" while working on your piece.


Base prices include 1-2 characters, and either no background or minimal-effort background like a simple shape/pattern or a stock BG. You can pay to add more characters or a custom background, but that takes longer and means more difficulty with composition, so be flexible!

Sketch - $50

Mechanical pencil on bleedproof marker paper, plus "warmup" sketches.

Sketch + Ink - $150

Separate ink (black felt pen on bleedproof marker paper).

Sketch + Ink + Colour - $250

CG or traditional colouring. Colour projects can take a long time, so please be understanding!

  • CG: Full shading or anime-style cel-shading. Print included with shipping.
  • Copic Markers: These give a nice blended finish, Perfect for coloured originals. However, the colours never quite scan perfectly, so not the best for digital-only commissions.


  • One extra character: Sketch $10 / Ink $50 / Colour $100
  • Custom Background: Sketch $50 / Ink $100 / Colour $200

KiSS Sets

Please check The KiSS Club for info on KiSS dolls. I'm assuming that you already know the basics! Prices listed are for a classic "doll" KiSS set with one character. See "extras" for other options.

Basic Set - $300

Base doll with wallpaper-style backdrop, snap-to code, basic blink animation, and two outfits (3-6 items of clothing each) plus an accessory or two.

  • Extra Outfits - $20 each or $50 per three.
  • Extra Hairstyles - $10 each or $25 per three.
  • Extra Facial Expressions - $10 each or $25 per three.
  • Colour Switching - $10 per switchable palette.
  • Sound/Voice clips - Negotiable.
  • Complex Coding (doll reactions, bodyshaping, etc) - Negotiable.

Special Sets - Negotiable

Like a board game, a character builder, an interactive hentai doll, or any of that fancy stuff. Contact me to discuss a price.

Base/Template Only - $200

An unclothed, cel-shaded pixel art base image of your character. Includes a few variants (eg eyeless, hairless, skin tones) if you like. You can make your own doll, or just use it as a character reference.


I draw furries, humans, animals, elves, demons, just about anything. It's not a good idea to ask me to draw technology (like guns) because I suck at it. No requests to draw in a different style; you commission an artist for their style as well as their skill.

You can involve my characters, but not in out-of-character situations (they have to be acting like themselves).

In the case of erotic work, any sex or sexuality is fine. Fetishes are fine except as specified below (I reserve the right to add new items to the list at any time). Obviously I won't take your money if you want something I won't draw.

Refused Subject Matter

  • Scat, watersports
  • "Guro", gore, snuff, etc.
  • Loli/shota (children/pre-teen characters in erotica)
  • Vore
  • Pregnancy, lactation, infantilism
  • Birthing, unbirthing or ovulation
  • Inflation/extreme obesity or "hyper" (ridiculously large sexual organs)
  • Extreme macro or micro

Payment & Post


I accept (in order or preference):

  • PayPal: But not for adult work, because their policy sucks.
  • Western Union Money Transfer/Moneygram: Expensive to send, but immediate and traceable. Good if you're spending lots.
  • Cheque/MO/International MO/Western Union MO: My bank charges me AU$10 to cash international cheques/MOs, so I you must cover that cost (sorry!).
  • Cash: AT BUYER'S RISK! Conceal it well. Send Australian currency, or include extra to cover conversion.
  • Trade Goodies: Not normally acceptable, but I do really want authentic Japanese Suikoden trading figures. Feel free to ask, if you have something you think I'd covet.
  • Other: If you want to something else, let me know and I'll see what I can do. But ask before you send! ^^;


  • Postage outside AU is at buyer's expense, actual cost (usually about $10). Multiple items will be combined wherever possible.
  • If you want a special service (registered etc.), I'll send it any way you want to pay for.
  • Artwork is mailed flat, inside a plastic sleeve taped to a backing board, with warnings all over.
  • You can choose digital-only for no shipping.

Please read all relevant sections before asking for a commission. I won't be held responsible for disappointments if you haven't read my terms correctly. Prices are in AU dollars.

(Last updated 2011-04-12)

General Terms

  • I retain copyright over my work.
  • You retain the rights to elements which are yours (characters etc.).
  • You may not sell copies of the work.
  • I won't sell copies of the work without your permission.
  • You may share the work without profit, with credit given.
  • I may post the works on my website(s).
  • You may edit the work (e.g., adding colour) without profit.
  • If you want to know something not covered here, e-mail me!


  • Pictures (1-2 Characters):
    • Sketch $50
    • Ink $150
    • Colour $250
  • Extra Characters (each):
    • Sketch +$10
    • Ink +$50
    • Coloured +$100
  • Background:
    • Sketch +$50
    • Ink +$100
    • Coloured +$200
  • Basic KiSS Set: $300
  • Complex KiSS Set: Negotiable

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