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Resources are used in good faith and to the best of my understanding, in accordance with their licenses. If there has been a misunderstanding, please contact me and things will be fixed.

For stock and guest characters in individual works, check the comments!


Making money by reposting or adapting my works is not allowed. Play fair.


  • You're always welcome to share my without edits (like on imageboards, your blog, etc.).
  • Exception: Don't repost my works on sites where I have already posted them (dA, HF, etc.).
  • Give credit. C'mon I need the exposure.


  • You're welcome to adapt my work (for example, to use my line-art for colouring practice or trace one of my images) as long as credit is given.
  • Respect the themes of the work (for example, don't subvert my gender stereotype message by turning my boys into girls).
  • No pointless edits (changing file type, adding white space).
  • Fan/gift works are much loved, but please respect the character (no OOC works).

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