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You only have permission to my resources if you follow my rules! They are not difficult. They are not expensive. They are not unreasonable. And you are an ass if you ignore them.


  • Credit Everybody Involved: You must give me credit for the resource wherever you distribute your finished work (a link for preference, though my name is okay if you can't manage that). A quick mention in your readme file or credits is fine. You must also credit anybody I have mentioned in the credits for the resource!
  • Notification: You must tell me if you use my resources, and send/link me to a copy of your work! Seriously, let me see your work - I hate missing out. I'll probably give you free publicity by linking to you, too.


  • Don't Change Genders: In my work, I try to encourage a certain non-traditional approach to gender and sexual identity. Resources of mine which depict an actual character are usually supposed to be a specific gender, regardless of what they look like to you. If you work with my resources, you MUST NOT change the gender of any character(s) depicted unless the resource itself says you may.
  • No Seriously: I used to be lenient about it, but I am god damned sick of it now, so I'm not letting it slide anymore. Don't make my boys into girls. EVER. PERIOD.
  • Royalty-Free: My resources are free to use as-is, or to edit in any way you like (frankendolling/frankenspriting is okay!), for any noncommercial projects.
  • No Monetary Profit: Unless the resource itself says otherwise, you can't charge people real money for work made with my resources! It's okay to use them to earn "fictional" currency such as Gaia Gold or Dragon Scales, though. Rewards such as free subscription time to a site are okay, too.
  • Use For Anything: Although my resources are sorted by their intended use, you may use them for any purpose you like - games, KiSS, pixel dolls, layouts, template for drawing, frankendolling, adaptation into new bases - whatever you like. Please don't ask me if you are allowed to use something. It's really annoying!
  • Edits Are Okay: You may create resources of your own with my resources, as long as you do not break any rules listed here, and so long as your edited version still carries my credits, my name and my url.
  • Share Alike: Any resources you make using my resources must be free for other people to edit and use in noncommercial works, just like mine. Share the love!
  • RTP Sprites Are Restricted: Sprites marked "RTP" are based on materials released by Enterbrain with RPG Maker XP. You may only use them legally if you own the program yourself. I'm sorry, but this isn't up to me; Enterbrain owns those materials, and they are free for use only by people who pay for the program. You can order and download RPGMaker XP at the official site.


  • Repost As-Is: You may freely redistribute my resources exactly as they are - that is, with no edits - on any non-commercial website. As long as they remain unchanged (including any text in the image/file regarding credits or terms of use), you can share them with anybody you like.
  • No Profit: You MAY NOT charge money or fictional currency/rewards for my resources in any way, shape or form.
  • No Double-Posting: You MAY NOT repost my resources on a site where I have already posted them myself (such as deviantArt). Double-posting is wasteful and confusing.
  • Major Edits Or No Edits: You MAY NOT distribute edited versions wherein no significant change has been made to the actual resource (for example, an edit where you have only added in extra blank space, or just converted the file to gif or jpeg - yes, some idiots have done these things!).

Thanks for respecting my rules. You may now move on to Resources.

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