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So I Should Talk About This.

Posted 2014-08-13 20:57:15 in Other

Okay, so I maybe should talk about this.

I have been going through some depression over the last year or so. Since the middle of 2013 in fact, when all the shit in my life and Talen's hit the fan basically at once.

(read the whole thing...)

tags: depression, serious, friends, life updates

Attention Artsy Fuckers

Posted 2013-11-10 23:08:25 in Other

If your "pattern" does not present some kind of repeating shape or texture, and instead is just a big fat single image of rust or concrete or whatever, then STOP CALLING IT A FUCKING PATTERN. You re fucking up my search results.

That is all.

tags: rant, design, patterns, language, aaaargh

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