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Team Excalibur Post Archive IV

(2001-11-06 ◊ Pokémon, Team Excalibur)

The fourth collected "volume" of posts from Team Excalibur, my team in the Pokémon play-by-e-mail RPG Team Pokémon. The credit here actually goes to multiple writers, of course, but I wound up doing the compilation because I was the team leader.

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A Quiet Night In

(2001-11-01 ◊ Pokémon, Team Excalibur)

The First Team Excalibur Omake post, written by yours truly - the result of two trainers and two bottles of vodka being left alone for a night...

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Rival Schools

(2001-11-01 ◊ Pokémon, Team Excalibur)

Also known as the Long-Awaited Omake Post of Mightiness, written by Rex. This one's just scary. It also features Quinn's debut! ^_^

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Stay You

(2001-11-01 ◊ Pokémon, Team Excalibur)

The third Team Excalibur omake by me, which got lost for quite a while, but now it's back! It's a short, sweet songfic based on the song Stay You, by Wood. Cute, huh?

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Secrets of the Shadow preview

(2000-10-12 ◊ The Legend of Zelda)

A two-chapter preview of my Legend of Zelda fanfic. Will absolutely never be finished, especially since I adpated most of its concepts to Shadow of the Ages anyway, but I don't actually hate it (I still kinda like the Sheik background stuff, and the character commentary at the end).

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The Chosen Part 5: Joining/In the Beginning

(2000-08-01 ◊ Sonic the Hedgehog, The Chosen)

In which Elias gets tortured, Tails comes to the rescue, Sabeth manipulates people, and Jessa finally concedes a point.

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The Chosen Part 4: Turmoil/The Huntress' Choice

(2000-07-01 ◊ Sonic the Hedgehog, The Chosen)

In which Jessa is faced with a decision, Tails blows it big time, and Elias gets stepped on a bit more.

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The Days Still Left

(2000-06-21 ◊ Slayers)

In a small tavern somewhere, a depressed chimera is getting drunk with a feisty sorceress and a sweet-yet-clueless swordsman, in an effort to repress the memory of a lost childhood companion (among other things). On the same night, a mysterious, shadowy woman with an unseen weight on her shoulders has also wandered into town, with a hidden agenda...

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The Chosen Part 3: Revelation/The Prelude to Destiny

(2000-06-01 ◊ Sonic the Hedgehog, The Chosen)

In which Jessa arranges a meeting, Tails finally catches up with everyone, and we meet the furry fruitcake that is Sabeth.

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The Test

(2000-04-14 ◊ No Series)

Quite an old piece - like, 1998 old. I wrote it for an English assessment - and I was kinda proud of it, so here it is. Got full marks, too ^^

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The Fall of Thanlor

(2000-04-14 ◊ D&D)

I'm not really sure why this is here - to fill up the page, I guess ^^; This is sort of en excerpt from one of my old stories, Wolfbane: The Story of Lashaan Khi. It's a story told by Jessik, Lashaan's mentor, to explain his personal quest. S'kinda okay, I guess.

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There Can Be Only One

(2000-01-01 ◊ Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer, is looking forward to spending her summer vacation as peacefully as possible. But it isn't long before a mysterious new girl, tied strongly to Angel's barbaric past, appears in Sunnydale, posing a danger to both the Slayer and her boyfriend.

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Runaway - The Fox Lee Story

(1999-05-29 ◊ Pokémon, Team Excalibur)

This is basically the story of my Pokéverse counterpart, Fox, and how she got to be where she is at the start of our Team Pokémon posts. It also details how she found her first three Pokémon (Shinji the rattata, Toaster the Charmander and Angel the ninetales), and how her brother Vance came to be her greatest rival.

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The Chosen Part 2: Pursuit/The Thrill of the Hunt

(1999-05-01 ◊ Sonic the Hedgehog, The Chosen)

In which Elias gets beat up a lot, and meets our (anti-) heroine. Tails argues with the voices.

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The Chosen - Series Disclaimer

(1999-04-01 ◊ Sonic the Hedgehog, The Chosen)

The disclaimer for my ongoing StH fanfic series, The Chosen. Please read this before reading the series!

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The Chosen Part 1: Dissolution/The New Moon

(1999-04-01 ◊ Sonic the Hedgehog, The Chosen)

The opening chapter of The Chosen; Elias is exiled, Jessalyn is introduced, and Tails is hearing voices.


Prose, scripts, roleplay logs and character profiles. These don't happen nearly as frequently for me as drawn works, so don't go back too far if you don't want to see all the horrible old stuff.





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